Benjamin Enke

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Harvard University

Faculty Research Fellow, NBER


Information for (potential) advisees

I offer two types of advising structures and office hours:

1) For students who are interested in working with me on a somewhat regular basis: If you would like us to meet more regularly, you might want to consider expressing an interest in having me be one of your committee members, or what I call "mutual commitment". This means that (i) we would meet at least monthly (more often if you'd like me to be your primary advisor) and (ii) there is a strong presumption that this will be a permanent relationship. I invest in students and care about them, but just like parents I like to stay updated and be proud at graduation.

2) For students who have specific questions: If you already have an advising structure in place for you, but have a specific question about one of your projects, you are free to sign up for office hours, but I will be more restrictive about meetings. This of course only applies to students in G3 and above, younger students are more than welcome to sign up as often as they like.

If you opt for the first format, I ask that you send me a written summary of what you'd like to discuss at least 36 hours prior to our meeting. The summary should include any questions you may have, and a brief summary of the progress you have made since our last meeting.